About me

About me

Plastic artist lives and works in Mexico City. His work has transcended borders and is constantly exposed in various countries, such as the United States, Spain, Hong Kong, Dubai, Colombia, El Salvador and others. Beatriz Simón works in the United States with Merritt Gallery & Renaissance Fine Arts.

She has exhibited individually in several museums of the Mexican Republic among which stand out: the Museum of Abstract Art Manuel Felguérez (Zacatecas, 2016-2017), the Pedro Coronel Museum (Zacatecas, 2014), José Luis Cuevas Museum (CDMX, 2012) , Museum of Contemporary Art Number 8 (Aguascalientes, 2011), Museum of Contemporary Art Athenaeum of Yucatan (2010), Museum of the City of Mexico (2005), Museum of El Carmen (CDMX, 1999), the National Museum of Art ( CDMX, 2009). He has also exhibited individually at Casa Lamm (CDMX, 2003) and at Casa de Cultura Jaime Sabines (CDMX, 1996).

She has exhibited in innumerable collectives among which stand out: Museum of the Chancellery (CDMX, 2014) and Museum of History of Tlalpan (CDMX, 2004).

Beatriz Simón has obtained First Place in the III Contemporary Sacred Art Biennial in Monterrey (2013), Honorable Mention in the III Pedro Coronel Biennial in the Pedro Coronel Museum in Zacatecas (2012), Selected in the IV Alfredo Zalce Biennial of the Art Museum Contemporary Alfredo Zalce in Morelia, Michoacán (2003). First place twice consecutively at the Museum of El Carmen of the CDMX (1997 and 1998) among other prizes and nominations.

Author of the VIACRUCIS and the VIRGIN of the Parish of San José María Escrivá (Santa Fe, CDMX). His work is part of national and international private collections including museums such as the Chancellery Museum, Manuel Felguérez Museum of Abstract Art, José Luis Cuevas Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art Number 8 of Aguascalientes and Museum of El Carmen among others.

Participa constantemente en subastas de beneficencia como: Subasta de Arte Vivo (VIH Sida) en el Museo de Arte Moderno de la CDMX; Grupo de Los 16, Arte Contemporáneo en CDMX; WILD 9 (Fundación Internacional para protección de Áreas Silvestres del Planeta); Mascaras de Aliento CONFE (Atención a discapacidad); Pintadita a tu salud (A favor de la mujer de escasos recursos con cáncer de mama); Amigo Tarahumara y AAMI; entre otras.

Her work has been published in books such as: Exemplary 97 of Abstract – 2009; 200 Mexican Artists, 19th, 20th and 21st centuries – 2010; 300 Mexican Artists centuries XIX, XX, XXI – 2012; of Promotora de Arte mexicano and others.

Over the years he has developed and diversified his technique by attending workshops and courses such as Calligraphy Workshop with Brody Neuenschwander, at the Carrillo Gil Art Museum, Encaustic Workshop in Cold with Manuel Solís (2018), Encausto en Frío with Saúl Castro (2018), Theory of Contemporary Art with Jorge Juanes López (2012), Art Projects Laboratory with Miguel Rodríguez and Fernanda Mejía at the Multinational Workshop (2011), The Spiritual in Art with Demian Mondragón at the Multinational Workshop (2011) , Workshop Pedro Xtillida Belzunce (2006), Workshop Phil Bragar (2006), Understanding the Installation at the Museo Tamayo (2005), Painting Workshop with Luis Granda (2005), Theory of Contemporary Art with Ignacio Salazar (2002 – 2003), Diploma in Human Figure with Ana Gojman at the Universidad Iberoamericana (1992), Diploma in Sensitization and Creative Expression with Ana Gojman, Rita Alazraki and Eva Marcovich at the Universidad Iberoamericana (1992).

Photography : Juan Carlos Abascal

Video: BOBO PRODUCCIONES, Mercedes Abascal y María Torres
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